UAGC Student Portal: A Comprehensive Overview

Hello, my wonderful readers! UAGC Student Portal is also the University of Arizona Global Campus student portal. It is a public online institution of higher learning connected to the University of Arizona. Zovio, a for-profit provider of higher education technology services, sold Ashford University to the University of Arizona in 2020. Ashford University was then rebranded as the University of Arizona Global Campus. The official website is

How to access UAGC Student Portal?

All Ashford University students must first log in on the UAGC student portal’s official website to access their student accounts. Please check the below steps:

  • Step 1: Go to, the official web page. The homepage of the student self-service portal will appear.
  • Step 2: Return to the Student Portal Homepage and click the “log-in” link in the top right corner again. Students may also visit the below-mentioned alternate links

  • Step 3: You will find a login form on the next screen. You can access your student portal by entering your Username (student ID) and Password in this login form and clicking the Login button. You can access your student dashboard page if your username and password are correct.

UAGC Student Portal Login Requirements

Before logging into the student portal, students must remember the following information.

  • Students must sign up for a student portal membership.
  • Student Username and Password are required.
  • Student portal access requires a personal, secure device from the user.
  • There needs to be a reliable ISP offering an internet connection.
  • Students need to be aware of the correct student portal website address.

Login through the mobile app

The UAGC mobile app is available for download by students, who can use it to log into their accounts.

  • On your smartphone, launch the Google Play Store application.
  • Look up the name and download the app for your phone.
  • Launch the “University of Arizona Global Campus Mobile” app on your smartphone.
  • Click “Sign-In” after entering your student portal’s username and password. After logging in, you will see your student dashboard page.

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Reset Account

Remember your password if you are having trouble logging in due to a wrong password error. Reset your password to resolve this issue. Please review the steps listed below.

  • Open the login page for the student portal.
  • After clicking the Login button, select “Need help signing in?” and then select “Forgot password? ” once more.
  • You can reset your password using the form on the following page.
  • Please fill out the information requested below to reset your password.

First name:

Last name:


Student ID:

Last four digits of the SSN:

Date of birth:

Enter your new password twice:

  • Click the Submit button after filling out all the fields.

Benefits of the UAGC Student Portal

Through various services and amenities on the online portal and mobile app, students can benefit in various ways. Please review the information below.

UAGC Library and Writing Center:

The writing center and library resources are always available to log-in students. Students can use these resources to aid in their research and writing.

Make online payments:

Students can use the portal or mobile app to pay for their course fees, exam fees, or any other type of fee online.

Download transcripts:

Students who log into the portal can download unofficial copies of their transcripts.

Latest news and alerts:

Students can log into their accounts to access the most recent news, events, and other UAGC-related information.

Access virtual classroom of UAGC Student Portal:

The UAGC learning management system now makes enrolling in a virtual class very simple, and all students have access to the various facilities listed below.

  • Support and direction from the instructor
  • Visit the message boards,
  • Access readings, tasks, lectures, and discussion boards.
  • Access instructor feedback that has been shared
  • Talk to your classmates and enlist their assistance if necessary.

Course information:

The student portal contains all the details about the courses that students have registered for.

Manage important alerts and messages:

Students occasionally receive important messages and alerts via the online portal. Students can control the types of alert services they want to enable to receive advance notice of any events or breaking news. They will have access to assignment notifications, class announcements, and grades.

Financial aid information of UAGC Student Portal:

After logging into the student portal, students can access the specifics of their financial aid awards whenever they want. Students can easily check the status of their financial aid. Students inquiring about the financial aid options listed below can get help from the financial services advisor.

  • Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID.
  • FAFSA.
  • Financial aid offer.
  • Master Promissory Note.
  • Entrance Counseling.
  • Institutional Financial Aid Application


In this blog, we talked extensively about the UAGC Student Portal! The UAGC Student Portal is also known as the University Of Arizona Global Campus Student Portal! We discussed how to access the UAGC Student Portal as well as how to reset the account! We also talked about the benefits of the Portal!

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