LaSRS Login | Simple Guide

The Louisiana State Reporting System (LaSRS) is a comprehensive platform designed to collect, manage and report data on schools and educational programs in Louisiana. The system integrates student and staff data, test scores, funding information, and attendance records of the state’s educational institution to provide insights for education stakeholders. It enables informed decision-making at all levels, from individual teachers to policymakers, to improve educational outcomes in Louisiana. The system is also instrumental in ensuring accountability, tracking student performance, and ensuring equity in education. It is a private company in Louisiana called Statistical Resources, Inc. For over 30 years, it has provided various statistics on state offices. In this blog, we will learn about the LaSRS Login process.

LaSRS Login Requirements:

For the LaSRS login, you’ll need the following items. Once you’ve obtained them, you can proceed to log in to the portal.

  • The LaSRS Web address is the official site.
  • Username and password for LaSRS
  • Access to the internet
  • A device that is compatible with the internet.

LaSRS Login Steps:

We’ll begin by describing each item one by one, and then we’ll need to be clear about the most important things to know about the login.

To successfully log in to the portal, we have shared the steps to follow for LASRS Login at You must not skip any steps, or you will end up in the wrong place.

  • Visit this page –
  • When you arrive at the Login page, enter your Username and Password.
  • Then, click the Login button to access your account and log in.

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How to Register at LaSRS Login Portal:

When you first access the LaSRS login, you must sign up before you can sign in. As we have already discussed the LaSRS login process. We’ll now take a look at the Sign-in process.

  • Search for ‘register’ on the website
  • There will be some questions, answer them.

These questions will be asked:

  • Agency name: If you work with one of the agencies, please include the agency’s name.
  • Please provide your email address to ensure future contact.
  • Phone Number: Include your phone number to ensure immediate contact.
  • Session: Choose the session you want to attend from the drop-down menu.
  • Region: Enter your location for them to better assess.
  • The number of people who attended the training: Mention the number of people who took the course.
  • Name of the first attendee: Include the name of the person who arrived first.
  • Then, to prove that you are not a machine, you will be asked to complete a mathematical captcha, such as the subtraction or addition of two numbers.

How to Reset Login Password:

Passwords are required to access the LaSRS login portal; you must remember them.

However, if you have lost it in some way, we have provided solutions below. Please follow the steps below to recover a forgotten password.

  • Visit the official LaSRS login website at
  • Check the option “Can’t log out of the page”, and click
  • Enter the account’s username.
  • Then click the submit button and follow the instructions for the next steps.
  • Please read the screen instructions and follow them exactly as written.

By carefully following these steps, you’ll be able to recover your password in no time.


We have attempted to include all relevant information for you; if you want to learn more or contact them, please visit their official website.

We hope you find the information useful and are willing to invest your time and energy, and that we have met the requirements for logging in to this website. Simply mention us in the comments section if you want to connect with us.

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