How to Use 1and1 Webmail – IONOS Webmail Login Guide

There are two ways you can store your emails. Either you use an email client such as Outlook or use 1and1 Webmail such as Gmail. Webmail is basically a place where all your emails are stored. All you need is an internet connection and a computer or smart device. Then, you can log in to the webmail through your browser whenever and wherever you are.

Webmail is an easy way to get access to your emails wherever you are.

1&1 webmail is an email hosting service provided by a company called 1&1. Many companies like one and one (1&1) offer web and email hosting for personal and business purposes. However, 1&1 provides its customers with the most affordable email services under a dedicated brand called IONOS.

Why IONOS Webmail Login Creates Confusion?

Even though the IONOS webmail and the email service are popular, people are still confused regarding the one webmail service. If we check the web search, we can see that people are searching online for the ionos webmail login portal URL using different search terms like 1&1 webmail login URL, webmail ionos access details, 1and1 webmail website, etc. This confusion is due to the multiple naming as well as the branding used by the company. For example, IONOS is the name used for the email service offered by the company name 1&1. So both are the same. However, people think it to be different ad searching with varying names like one and one webmail, 1&1 webmail, 1 and 1 webmail service, etc. In reality, all are the same.

1and1 Webmail History

The company is having a giant the data center based in North America with a larger number of data servers. In 2018 the 1and1 merged with another company profit brick owned by Achim Weiss to rename the company to 1&1 webmail.

CEO argued about the renaming of the company to give priority to the brand name as 1and1 webmail and we add this because the ionosphere is the upper part of the earth’s atmosphere which contains high concentrations. After this, in 2019 it made a record by placing its position as second in hosting provider globally.

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1and1 Webmail Registration

In order to proceed with the registration with 1and1 webmail you should follow the steps described below.

  • Open the official genuine site of 1nd1 Webmail com
  • Then click on the Email and Office menu option as showing below.
  • Once you clicked on the option one dropdown will open
  • Now click on the email registration option as shown in below image
  • Now scroll down on the next page come to the email plan section to choose one plan to create the webmail account.
  • There are two plans with 3 options each with different price.
  • One plan is 1and1 webmail email with 3 options in total first one is Mail basic 1 and the second one is mail basic 1+ and the last one is mail business, below is the plan details
  • Another plan name is email and office which have 3 options one is Microsoft excgange 2019 and second one is microsoft 365 basic business and the last one is microsoft 365 business standard.
  • Now choose your plan as per your choice
  • Then click on continue and fill your details for signup
  • make the payment as per your plan
  • Now you are done.

1and1 Webmail login email

If you want to login to the 1and1 webmail then you need to

  • open thecom or then simply click on the login menu on the top.
  • Then fill your email id and password which you have created earlier during the registration.

How to Reset 1 and 1 Webmail Login Password?

In today’s time, everyone is using a lot of applications. It gets hard to remember the password for everything. In case you have lost your 1@1 webmail password, you can reset it using these simple steps:

  1. Go to the official site of IONOS.
  2. Click on the Sign In
  3. You will be redirected to a new page.
  4. Click on Forgot your login details.
  5. Now, type your Customer ID, Email address, or Domain, and click on Request New Password.
  6. You will get a reset link.
  7. Choose a new password.
  8. Click on Save changes.

How to Contact 1and1 Webmail Login Customer Support?

I have told you everything regarding how you can keep your 1 and 1 webmail secure. However, if you face any other difficulty, you can contact the Support team via 1&1 webmail. The support team will help you with everything from 1and1 webmail login to resetting the password. They are available 24Ч7.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is 1and1 webmail?

Webmail is just like email. It is used to directly access email from a provider’s server. Webmail helps you send and receive messages all around the world. It will work as long as you have a web browser connected to the internet.

What is the difference between email and webmail?

There is no specific difference between email and webmail. Both are practically the same. Webmail is just an email that can be accessed through a web browser like Firefox, internet explorer. Email requires a dedicated email app like Microsoft Office Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

When did 1and1 webmail become IONOS?

1and1 became IONOS in 2018 after merging with ProfitBricks. After merging it was rebranded as 1&1 IONOS.

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