Who we are

Established in 2010,  in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Hawaiian Poke Bowl has been proudly bringing Bay area Residents nutritious and delicious bowls, prepared fresh daily with the perfect combination of healthy and tasty.


Reinvented in 2012, with the Brazilian savoir faire, Hawaiian Poke Bowl is dedicated to bring you real, sustainable and safe fish according to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Guidelines. "We utilize all organic, GMO free, local sourced ingredients to make the best “Poke” of San Jose (voted by Metro 2016) just for you!"


Hawaiian Poke Bowl is a family owned and operated business that started their journey selling their famous poke bowls and fresh juices at different sports events in the Bay Area. After becoming wildly successful with their mobile service in the last few years, they opened their first brick and mortar in 2015 inside the SoFa Market,  in downtown San Jose, in the heart of the Art District.

Carlos Pereira is the chef meticulously preparing everything,  always striving for for his best poke yet.  Marcia Ribeiro, his wife and founder is responsible for running the business. Together with the children they keep the service top notch! They just love serving the people!

Hawaiian Poke Bowl sponsors many philanthropic events, giving back to the local community. They also donate unsold food to shelters and non-profits that distributes the food locally. 

They are also strong supporters of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, The Arts and Technology communities, gathering the loyal customers that have supported them back!